About / My Captain Harlock Anime Reviews


This blog is dedicated to one of my favorite fictional characters: Leiji Matsumoto’s classic Space Pirate Captain Harlock


Yes, that’s me

I created this blog to get some reflections, thoughts and insights out of my head concerning Captain Harlock (also known as Albator) who I am big fan of. Because there are so many subtleties and interesting concepts and deep meanings engrained in most Harlock anime, I have taken it upon myself to write a lot of posts that no-one but the most dedicated nerd will read, exploring Harlock’s personality, his world, his friends, his ship and and many other things. I posses (or am cursed with) a introverted, stoic nature and a mind that seems to notice little things others do not – and with Leijiverse, there’s lots to notice.

GO HERE to the ‘Captain Harlock Archives’ for the ultimate breakdown of Harlock animes, characters, ships, articles and (spoiler-free) reviews.

My Captain Harlock Anime Reviews:

(In order of their writing, not in order of their release/airing date or my personal viewing of them)

1978 Space Pirate Captain Harlock original TV series:

2013 Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG- I reboot movie:

More to come…

Constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks for visiting.


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